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Empire Media now offers 48V Dactylcam Pro with broadcast setup 


48v power drive system capable of 100lb payloads and speeds up to 30 mph. With dual batteries, run time can exceed 8-10 hours and system health is consistently monitored from the Pulse controller. Users control how much torque is needed through gain tuning, drive wheel slip control, acceleration and overall top speed. With our mitchell mount and extended tray the 48v Dactylcam can carry nearly any head and camera package up to 100lbs.  


Users program and operate from the Pulse Controller which is a wireless ergonomic handset that controls power usage, digital end stops, acceleration, top speeds as well as a menu for customized user preferences. The digital readout communicates position on the line, speed, battery voltage, traction control and speed settings. Battery life is 8-10 hours and wireless RF frequencies are offered at 915mhz, 868mhz and 2.4ghz. We also offer custom break out modules for external radios and licensed band modems for long range options. 


Safety. The most important feature on any of our systems. The Dactylcam Pro has multiple safety redundancies allowing the sled to safely operate over crowds, stages and extensive set designs.  A captive safety bracket attaches using 3/8" bolts allowing a second safety line to be held on dual drive wheels. Digital Safety Stops selected by the user automatically stops the system which keeps the operators attention on the shot.  Optional in-line safety stops can be placed in the line which would kill power to the system if touched by the sled allowing more safety redundacy.  Our Pulse controller safely operates the sled and can shut down the system from a single button or will place system into standby if RF signal is lost.


Regardless of what stabilized head you use, the 48v Dactylcam Pro is versatile enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Adapting to any shooting condition is important which is why the drive wheel is adjustable allowing users to adjust amount of tension needed on the wheel to adjust for speed, inclines, wet conditions, etc.   Active traction control is built into the software to reduce slipping on the wheel which increases the life of the line.   Automatic braking on the end stops can be adjusted for the right amount of feather and gain control at your fingertips to provide the torque needed for difficult shots. 


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