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accomodates large front element lenses



George is ideal where an on axis fill is required, from a controllable source and larger diameter zooms or primes are being used.

The unique clamping system, on george™, makes mounting quick and simple.

Powered by a lightweight, dedicated ballast that accepts input from any 12 Volt to 24 Volt film or video battery, providing flicker free power and individual switching of four-quarter-sub-sets, top, bottom, left and right and dimming from 100% to 5% without altering colour temperature. The ballast features instant start, at preset dim level, at full colour temperature.

george™ features the unique and robust Gekko accessory mounting method for alternative lenses,colour correction and diffusion ensuring no time is lost on set.

george™ can be controlled by Gekko’s range of remotes including; wired dimmer, wireless dimmer and switcher, DMX interface and keyframe camera synchronisation unit.

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