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Steady camera devices and HANDSFREE-TRANSPORTER are complementary thus meant for each other. Lately, Camera rigs have become so much heavier that even the strongest cameraman feel uncomfortable in having to hold up 40 kilos of equipment.


The HANDSFREE-TRANSPORTER allows travelling up to 21km/h. In low speed it may spare rails, cars dolly's, making the filming process cheaper. The HANDSFREE-TRANSPORTER also opens previously inaccessible grounds to operators using devices which steady camera motion. The Off Road version enables them to move away from smooth roads, paths or prepared ways.

All the while, pictures remain amazingly sharp and even, wherther in turning around or gliding straight forwards.


Specifications: Weight of maschine: 50kg

Capacity: 120 kg

Power: 4 Horsepower's

Speed: 21 km/h Possible

Distance: With LION Battery HT up to 35km

Charging Time: 5 Hours



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