Here are some of our modifications we have done on the Jimmyjib.

One of the newest updates which is hugely popular is a 24 and 16 pin military spectroscopy plug that is connected to the 12-meter multi cable running through the faucet head. This is to avoid splice joints between existing multi. Upgrade rings give a big advantage to using the crane in the rain and snow weather.

This is a very popular upgrade for the cranes that are being used in OB. Here we use the 5 pin connector, network plug in the control box so that the Operator can use the Talk back from the ob-bus and have tally via the tracker system. The network connector is connected with the Monitor that supports the tracker system.

All minijack plugs have been replaced with LEMO two-pin connectors. This is a more robust plug that is also more resistent to rain and snow.

A new solid tube is welded to the rear tube, so that the counter weight bars do not move during the operation of the jib.

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