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Empire Media AS, is a company committed to allowing you, our customer, effortless transitioning in any type of telescopic environment with our top quality equipment and experienced technicians.

Our number one priority is to offer the safest and most efficient equipment for the job.

CraneShot offers the best in telescopic and variable length camera cranes for film and TV production. We are owned and operated by working professionals in the industry, we strive to bring you the latest technology and modifications available to help you get the camera movements you want.

Technocranes telescope during the shot, offering you the ability to film sequences difficult to imagine with any fixed length crane. The various reaches means you can put the camera anywhere in a 60’ radius without ever moving the dolly. That means you won’t have to set up track to get your shot, saving you the price of the crane in time alone. Our Technocranes come with a Flighthead V, Flighthead TV,Flighthead mini and Flighhead CL remote head with 3 axis mode.  


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